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I’m a poet, cook, and recovering restaurant owner who loves food and, when the world goes topsy-turvy, I ground myself by cooking.

I don’t believe that the act of cooking can be extricated from the inner life of the cook and the context of everything happening around you, nor should it be.

This newsletter is a collection of essays and completely flexible recipes that anyone can make (unless you’re my mother). They all rely heavily on tasting, making it your own, using what you have, and the exhausting state of being a person all of the time.

Most recipes are incidentally gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or easily adaptable because a lot of people are gluten-free and/or vegetarian/vegan. Food doesn’t need meat or flour to be delicious.

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Emily Rose Kahn-Sheahan has been cooking since she was twelve for a family that loves to eat but cannot cook. By 15, she was catering for all family gatherings. No one was surprised when she started working in restaurants and moved into the kitchen.

As a poet, writer and performer, she hosted/curated poetry and live lit shows all over Chicago and has two books of poetry. You can occasionally find her on stage, cooking underground Home Bistro dinners, or staring moon-eyed at local produce. Otherwise, you’ll find her in her kitchen.

Want to reach out or collaborate? Get in touch! EatWellEnough@gmail.com

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Recipes with fresh seasonal feelings, simmered in life, and served to you weekly. Folding metaphors into food since 2020.


Poet. Food lover. Cooker of things. Recovering Restaurant Owner. Extroverted Hermit. she/her. Chicago, IL. Sometimes simple is better.
Fierce lover of friends.